I Hate My Inlaws!

Owning up

Posted on Sat, Mar. 10, 2018 at 11:55 am

You didn’t ace parenting. You excelled at keeping a roof over their heads and providing education through university. You might have done better at feeding your kids but you projected your own body-image issues onto them and imposed insane diets on the family. This along with making your seven year old go to weight watchers meetings gave your child your own insecurities. These and other failings are cause the epic eye rolls that follow every time you say “but you have to!”

No, we do not have to get a babysitter and go out every weekend. First, we can’t afford it right now so you shouldn’t bring it up unless you’re going to foot the bill. Second, you went out this often and all it did was make them feel like you choosing yourselves and your friends over your own children.

We understand that you had demanding jobs. You chose those careers though and with what little time was left, you mostly chose others over your own children. This sent a clear message that they weren’t good enough for their own parents. This has caused them problems to innumerable to state and you know it but you just just deny the validity of your children’s experiences. If you want to know what you can say that would be helpful then just own up to the fact that you didn’t do a perfect job of parenting and then try your best not to tell us what we have to do to be good parents.

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