I Hate My Inlaws!

Father in law from hell

Posted on Sun, Mar. 11, 2018 at 12:59 am

I always had the perfect man in mind. A soft and gentle guy who respects his partner and who can be trusted no matter what. It took me many years, but I found him. My partner is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is just so nice, and it is impossible to dislike him. Because my partner is like this, I thought his father would be like this as well… WRONG!!

His father is the most obnoxious creature I have ever met. I have met a lot of **** before, but he is beyond stupid. When I first met him, he was not too bad. However, we moved in with him and his girlfriend and after 2 weeks we got kicked out of the house for no clear reason. He said I was rude for not going up for a cup of tea (he also got annoyed about his own fridge that we used during that time).

I had just moved countries, missed my family, was depressed and I needed my time to adjust. He had no sympathy for that. Whenever, I spoke to him he insulted his ex-wife and basically said my partner was a lazy **** who did not know what to do with his life. My partner works over 40 hours a week and is a provider. His father worked whenever he felt like it and is waiting for his mother to die, so he can claim her house. He is that type of person! I really felt so wronged when this happened, and I felt so bad for my partner. He truly respected his dad so much and was in utter shock when we got kicked out. Somehow, I feel like it was my partner’s father’s plan to get rid of me to begin with. He is a racist and my partner and I are from different countries.
My partner and I had a lot of discussions about his dad. He understood I was mad but would never stop seeing his dad. So, what did I do? I told my partner that we should maybe meet up and patch it up. My partner called his dad and said we would never talk about it again. We met up and talked. We do not have to like each other, as long as we can be civil with each other. I wanted to be civil for my partner, not for him. However, I really think this man does not understand what love is. After we met up, I was not welcome at his Birthday and Christmas! He assumed my partner would come to Christmas by himself and dump me somewhere else! I was so mad!! Now he says I should have called him before and I should have apologized! YOU KICKED ME OUT AND I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE? He really gets on my nerves. He is disrespectful and treats women as dogs. He would tell his ex-wife that she could only have one wine on a night out. DISGUSTING! He is also the type of man that is scared of strong men. He is definitely not like that. He is a very weak and sad man.

My partner is torn in the middle. He agrees with me and supports me, but on the other hand he does not want to lose his dad. This ‘man’ does not deserve his son. His son is so much more of a man than he will ever be.

My family cannot stand him either. They took my partner in for 10 months. 10 months there with no issues whatsoever and two weeks at my partner’s dad and issues all around us.
So, I had just arrived in a new country and instead of welcoming me my ‘Father-in-law’ kicked me out. I am still here, and I will always be in his hair. I like that idea. I want to spite him.

That man is a true waste of air. Please note that I am a loving person and I respect other individuals. I just cannot deal with him and I do not think I deserve his disrespectful treatment. He makes me feel like I am worth nothing. It kills me, and I hate this hate feeling.

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