I Hate My Inlaws!

Sister in Law Bore

Posted on Wed, Apr. 11, 2018 at 06:07 pm

So my SIL has been with my brother 7 years he’s studied a social science degree for 3 years then gone on to do 4 years of dentistry. The week before he does his final exams for the dentistry degree she says ‘this isn’t the life I want’ and says she wants to move to a capital city leaving my brother totally choked up right before his exams. She wants to stay with him though... just doesn’t want him to be a dentist after 7 years of trying to get there...
She is soooo difficult to talk to. She is younger than me and my husband but talks down to me because we have two kids under and we are under 35 and she thinks it’s something we need to be pitied for like ‘poor you getting pregnant young’ and I’m like no, no ‘poor you, waiting... you’re probably going to struggle if you wait much longer’ she is messy, my brother cooks every meal she doesn’t even share out the workload. She works but so does he... she is rude and totally ignores my kids when they talk to her. She clearly doesn’t like me and always seems to be trying to point score with me. The woman has no kids but tells me how to be with mine?! She gets under my skin. Try to be nice and tolerate her but I only have so many fake smiles in me. I am gutted deep down because I hope my brother with bring a lovely, warm, friendly, maternal woman into the family who wanted to be an aunt to our kids and who equally wants to have kids of her own. I feel like even if they did have kids I would have no relationship with them at all because of how she is. Why her? Why not someone with a sense of humour, who is bubbly, funny, easy to talk to, friendly, warm, maternal, non judgemental, less materialistic... why her??
She takes herself too seriously brags about her jobs, salary, makes out men in the office drool over her and I’m not being mean she’s a 5/6 out of 10 at most. If we video call my brother she never comes to speak and it feels like she’s in the background summoning him off FaceTime from his expressions. Would it kill her to say hi. She buys the most passive aggressive presents - like a Christmas present; a £5 mug saying ‘little miss bossy’ on it for me. I bought her some £60 perfume. She’s odd. Apparently earns a lot more than me, no kids so no expenses there, yet offensively tight and thoughtless. God give me strength for all future conversations with this square. I’m still holding out hope that he meets someone new, or that she does. They aren’t married yet but she’s adamant on getting married out of the country when half of the family can’t fly long haul due to illness. Selfish isn’t the word. Bitch, I really don’t like you and if you bite my head off one my time in front of my kids, in my house with your pathetic sarcastic quips I will let you know how me, my mum, my grandma, my husband, my dad and my kids really feel about you... k?
Here’s to tolerating the shit out of you until my brother sees the light 🥂

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