I Hate My Inlaws!

Im The One Taking Care Of Your “Baggage” Now L

Posted on Thu, Apr. 12, 2018 at 07:42 am

You pawned your boys off on to your ex husband, not because you couldn’t handle raising them, it was solely because you’re a self centered, narcissistic bitch that didn’t have the time to deal with the extra “baggage”. Your ex moved on and remarried and you left him with a parting “wedding gift” in your jealous rage. The truth is, you decided your social life was far more important to you, along with the thought that no one should move on without you. Well they did, everyone moved on and grew without you. Now, 40 years later, you’re still having trouble understanding this whole mother concept and your place. Sure, you gave birth to my husband but now that he’s been raised and is successful on his own, you feel the need to have him in your life and the need to make up for lost time. You treat me as if I’m in your way and enlisted help from your horrific flying monkeys. You have no genuine love for my husband, you’re only trying to fill your own void for your selfish reason. You hate that I easily make him happy and love him without conditions. Every time he smiles, you take it as a personal threat, it’s something you cannot offer, it doesn’t come natural for you. You even orchestrated the most well thought out plan to put a divide in our family and thankfully that’s failed. Well here’s a news flash:

You are totally in the way and now YOU ARE THE BAGGAGE and will be treated as such.

Maybe in the meantime, you should go to the local bar and collect your own husband and take care of him, that’s where he spends his life. He’s out there drowning his sorrows having been suckered in to being stuck with you. He is so fucking miserable that you can’t even see it. You’ve been replaced with a bottle... IT’S YOU!!!!! You can’t even take care of your own husband, even after you neglected raising mine. Look at the pattern lady, you’re the problem. We all hope you “go” first...it will put a lot of misery to rest.

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