I Hate My Inlaws!

Appearance is everything

Posted on Sun, May. 13, 2018 at 08:22 pm

Appearance is everything, you want it to appear that you have money, appear that you have family that actually still talks to you. We've been married almost 15 yrs I have never meet a cousin, an aunt or uncle, or any distance relative. Why, they don't speak to you your own bother and sister don't want anything to do with you MIL.. what does that tell you.. you are a oh poor me, pissy, pretend troll.. and BIL go mouch off your "wives" family.. you can't even buy your own candy bar because you have no job at almost 30.. LOSER.and father in law, I have yet to meet anyone in your family why is that?? Oh, yes they don't want anything to do with you either.. leave me and my kids alone.. I pray that my husband will stand for our marriage that's all I can do. Tommorrow is a new day you have ruined my mother's day congrates.. like I said tomorrow is a new day and a better one, because I will not waste one once of energy on your dumbness.

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