I Hate My Inlaws!

Mother’s Day not to her expectations

Posted on Tue, May. 15, 2018 at 04:47 pm

So for Mother’s Day, we gave my mother in law a very nice hand written card along with some of her favorite candies. On top of that, we spent Saturday out of town with her to go flower shopping and get ideas for her garden. (We told her that going flower shopping was also part of her mother’s day present.) We had a great time and it all was fun.... or so we thought. Apparently, after we dropped her off at home, she was very upset and complained to my father in law that we didn’t get her an expensive gift and that she expects more. We later get a NASTY voicemail from my father in law basically saying that we are cheap and ungrateful kids. We called them back but they didn’t want to hear our side. My husband and I believe that giving your time to someone is more important then “stuff” and that Mother’s Day should be spent with your mother. What do I do??? I am sooo heartbroken over this as well as angry at both of them. Part of me just wants to give them to cold shoulder but the other part is saying that is wrong too.

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