I Hate My Inlaws!

He left me for his Mommy-Wife

Posted on Tue, May. 15, 2018 at 04:57 pm

You care more about her feelings than you cared about me. I told you after all the crap she pulled inviting my egg donor to our wedding I didnt want her anywhere near me when I gave birth. You trotted her in my room anyway. When my blood pressure went through the roof and my baby went into fetal distress, you comforted your mother as she sat on my bed. She refused to move as the nurses streamed in trying to figure out what was wrong. The doctor and nurses told her to leave and she just moved her fat ass to the chair. Security was called and you told everyone if she left you would too. I was so pissed I said see ya and bawled as you walked out the door. I had no one there as I was carted in for an emergency c-section.

When our associate pastor came by, he brought tales of you and your mom ranting to his wife that I kicked you out unprovoked. You played the victim to someone who saw right through your lies. He gave me a number to a shark attorney.

You and your mommy wife will never see my beautiful baby girl. I have far too many people on my side and enough evidence to terminate your rights. You forget we live in a pro momma state.

I blindly fell in love with you, but my eyes were open when I stopped loving you. I know your mom reads this site religiously ranting about all the arrogant Daughters in Law stealing dutiful sons away from loving mothers. I know she has her friends reading it too.

All I have to say is Come at me, Bitch. I'm locked and loaded and ready to dance.

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