I Hate My Inlaws!

Psycho BIL

Posted on Sun, Jun. 10, 2018 at 05:11 pm

BIL is always bitching about people being irresponsible, when he has endangered the lives
of a car load of people on 2 separate occasions that we were present. As well as surrounding motorists.

The first time I met anyone in DH family was at a family wedding in 2002. BIL and his now ex wife drove us to the venue.
DH introduced me to BIL who could barely acknowledge me. BIL then spent the journey in a mood (which
DH said was usual behaviour) before things got even worse as BIL developed road rage and started chasing another motorist down the motorway at high speed. Stopping only after I shouted what did he think he was doing.
We got to the hotel BIL was walking round like nothing had happened coming in and out of our hotel room asking for things.
Later after a lot of bickering between them, DH got BIL to apologise.
So I arrived at the wedding wondering if all DH's family were nutters or just BIL. (I can confirm some are)

A few years later we are again in a situation where we're in a car that BIL is driving.
We watched in horror as this time BIL pulls up along side another motorist at the side of the road, threatens and screams abuse at them through the window, then after they drive off, chases them down the road.
All this was over some trivial driving infraction and apparently it was worth endangering several people's lives over.

BIL was also involved in a 2nd road incident in 2002 but we weren't present that time. I've been told 2 different versions of
events. But I can't pin down what actually happened, it apparently went to court.
The other driver was in court and disabled or died. It's really not clear.
What has been made clear to me though is that it was definitely the others persons fault.(Haha yeh, right!)

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