I Hate My Inlaws!

Dear Future HALF Brother-in-Law

Posted on Sun, Jun. 10, 2018 at 07:39 pm

I haven't met you nor will I. It's not you, it's the whole situation. Many years ago, my dad informed me on my weekend visit as an awkward teen that your wife was to be born. "You'll have a new sister" he'd say. I believe my response was: "She's not my sister" and "I don't want to meet your kid." This kid was born from the ruins of my safety and security. My home. The totally salacious destruction of a union similar to what you are about to enter. Your soon to be wife's mother lurked about like a spider in bars preying upon my weak-minded and hearted dad. She had him in her sights and set out to make him her own. My pregnant mother was in tears waiting for his phone call from the bar, never to receive one. He was out with her. He'd roll in at 3 a.m, and they'd be screaming at each other at the front door. My sister and I would wake up and fly down the stairs in our zip up pajamas and pigtails to jump in between them crying for them to stop fighting. Also there, but silent, was my unborn sister. She gestated in this terror. She would be born and my mother would be surrounded by friends helping her through horrible post-partum depression. My dad was with your soon-to-be wife's mother going on vacation in a sports car to go on vacation and spend time in the sun. Your soon-to-be wife, while she was a product of these ruination, not the direct cause, will always be emblematic of the nightmare that became my childhood and the opportunities awarded to her and stolen from us. Your soon-to-be Mother-In-Law moved my dad states away so she could be FAR from his first family. We became strangers. Your soon-to-be wife was raised in luxury and a two parent home while my sisters and I lived below the poverty line raised by a devastated mother who did the best she could to raise us on her own. I wish you well, but there are some things that are not meant to be. You and your soon-to-be wife in my and my family's life being one of them.

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