I Hate My Inlaws!

Father in law toxic abuser don't want my daughter

Posted on Tue, Aug. 07, 2018 at 05:30 pm

Spent years in our marriage dealing with emotional abusive father in law. He is inappropriate, has grooming tendencies with young girls and doesn't treat his own children very well (including my husband). I raised all issues with husband early in marriage but he wasn't interested in facing the facts now we have a daughter I can't sit by and pretend we're all a loving big family with loving grandparents. Husband now understan ds but unsure of how to deal with it. Father in law hasn't changed and even if he did I could never trust him alone with my beautiful daughter who he has become obsessed with (he didn't care about his own children like this).he devalues all women and strong personalities that share a room with him. His wife is a hollow shell that follows his every whim... I want minimal to no contact despite how nice the rest of the family is. Need strength daily and a solution where I can just get on with my normal life and bu ild a positive future for my precious daughter. Want my normal life back where I didn't have to deal with this level of stress

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