I Hate My Inlaws!

Husband turned out to be one of them...much worse

Posted on Wed, Sep. 12, 2018 at 04:22 am

In laws are completely dysfunctional and passive aggressive. Triangulating. Huge red flags. I thought my husband and I were going to grow and move on since we cut them out of our lives for that reason, after my sociopathic husband let them walk all over me and even set me up to be blamed by them. I thought for so long that I finally had a partner. I was conned. My husband is a fraud. He is a goddamn fucking sociopath. His mask fell off and he has no motivation to keep pretending to be nice. Wow, shame on me for being fooled for 5 years but now Im out. FUCK THIS and FUCK YOU CRAZY IN LAWS. Youre all dark, twisted toxic predators who lurk in the shadows waiting for an unsuspecting empathetic human to scapegoat and manipulate. I just thought that my husband was a victim of it...not one of you also.

All these years when I kept ignoring my intuition that something wasn't right here or with you was my biggest mistake. Whenever I talk to you it seems like I'm talking to a wall. You never seemed to have that part that makes the rest of us human and I always suspected this but never wanted to believe it and I was fooled by your feigned emotions. Youre repeated apologies and false promises of change that NEVER happened. Abuse me cruelly, apologize profusely rinse and repeat. For five fucking years. It started out small in the beginning. Not happening often. Now its been happening at least 10 times a day. Told me you wanted to divorce me on our anniversary then 2 days later said you only said it because you were angry, crazy making piece of shit. Did the same shit on my birthday. Never got me gifts for any of my birthdays except the first one before we were even married. Never got me anything for xmad either while I always took you out and pampered you for xmas and your birthday.

I snapped just the other day when my husband humiliated me in front of someone else. Purposely pulled everyones strings and apparently has been telling everyone lies about me behind my back to make me look crazy, unstabe you know the game they play. The smear campaigning. Set me up to make look like a raging bitch in front of someone you work with right after youve just been abusing me, physically and emotionally. You know exactly how to push my buttons and treat me like trash to get me riled up and arguing with you. Then you let someone else get involved in our marriage and you just sit and watch while they tell me off, disrespect me, devalue me and blame me and none of this is ANY OF THEIR BUSINESS YET YOU SIT ON YOUR LAZY PATHETIC BETRAYING ASS AND LET THIS HAPPEN and even worse, you didnt give a damn shit when I was so naturally angry about this. You even went so low as to be condescending, conniving and gas lighting. "Oh but he was just trying to talk to you" Right, gas light me some more you freak. So since you refuse to take ANY accountability for the way you treated me and when I ask you to speak to this person in front of me and fix it you refuse to and say you dont want to. You said you already did speak to them but that was a lie. You made excuse after excuse, blame shifted, diverted attention away from the problem, gas lighted me, blamed me for how youre treating me, you were indifferent and manipulative. I've really never known anyone more conniving and twisted than you. Ive never been so humiliated in my life before, so DISCARDED and thrown under the bus by someone called MY HUSBAND or by ANYONE for that matter.

And that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that I just realized he's done this to me all along. Before he just pretended to be sorry about it and pretended that he was going to change. This time his mask was completely off and he was openly hostile, malicious and passive aggressive with me all while he claimed that I was the one who was being unfair to him and wasn't listening to him. After he hit me, threw me around like a rag doll, pulled my hair and shoved me against the wall on sunday and then does this to me, he expects me to be his doormat and not be angry about anything hes done. Whatyou did on sunday and then now this one day later, Ive had ENOUGH.

All the things my so called husband, wolf in sheeps clothing sociopath/psychopath is:
two faced
pathological liar
withholds communication
a predator
a crazy maker
a gas lighter
a cheater

Youre so SICK, delusional and DEVOID of a human soul soon to be EX husband. Go fuck yourself along with the asshole that you clearly wanted to humiliate me with.

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