I Hate My Inlaws!

Her two faces

Posted on Wed, Sep. 12, 2018 at 08:47 am

I thought my MIl to be was a nice person. But as soon as nobody's watching your face drops into a frown and a smirk. You clearly hate me your son's fiance. You know when you absolutely know someone hates you? It isn't hard to tell. You are so fake. Such a competitive witch. Everything I do is a competition to you. If I cook something delicious or someone compliments me, or if the conversation is about me or if I can converse with someone.... everything I do seems to bother you. I don't know why. But what I do KNOW is instead of a wedding we are going to ELOPE to a resort or cruise ship without any of you present. Maybe I'll even go to the courthouse since your rich, but won't pay for any wedding or any reception just to spite me. That's fine. Maybe I'll just leave your gross, farting, sloppy and dirty son. He is a mental case and alot like YOU mil. You and your stupid fad diets and worship of dogs. Your both nuts. Maybe I'm riding my time until I have a full time job, so then I can get my own place that will stay CLEAN and I won't have to put up with two large poop eating stinking dogs. Literally the female slurped up diarrhea from the toilet today from my grandson who forgot to flush. But dog worshippers find that cute or funny. I wanted to forced Listerine down it's throat. It's muzzle was covered with gravy train feces. Dogs are not people but you nuts believe they should be treated as such. Even a toddler won't eat poop. You'll be dead long before your stupid ugly shiz zu and when we agreed to take it....we will... straight to the pound.

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