I Hate My Inlaws!

Someone worse than me

Posted on Fri, Sep. 14, 2018 at 01:42 am

You were so delighted when I finally left your son. 5 years he cheated on me for. 5 years of feeling worthless, unattractive,that I wasn't good enough or pretty enough. I blamed myself and you let me. You even told me that if a husband strays,then the wife needs to ask herself what she is doing wrong. You acted like your son was the victim,that he had no choice but to look elsewhere. He would be sorry,but then it would start again. Finally,after being with our twins all night,waiting for him to get home,which he didn't, I had had enough. I took our most cherished possessions and necessities and left. Of course once he realized,he rang you,his mother. I could hear the delight in your voice,telling me I failed him, that I was to blame and that I need to get over my selfish attitude and go back home because he couldn't forgive me forever. I refused. Your blameless son then entered into a relationship with the woman he was cheating on me with,but it didn't work out as planned did it? I have heard how you couldn't wait to meet her,you showered compliments on her. You thought she was going to be easier to get along with than me. I bet you're not laughing now though are you? How silly of you both. She played you all better than your son played me. She cheated on your son,she fell pregnant to another man who wasn't your son. She coerced him into living above his means,flashy house,cars,holidays.... I always wondered how in the world they afforded it,but innocent me forgot it's a little thing called tax evasion.Now your bankrupt, destitute son has to rely on you,he has no job, no car,no nothing. I hope you can afford to pay his lawyers. I never even asked for a tiny amount of child support, I never even filed. I worked for everything our twins have. I just left a sweet message on your answering machine for you both. It goes like this. "Congrats darling ex husband,I'm glad to see someone get the better of you,like you did me for years. As for you ex mother in law, it seems you met your match,someone worse than me"

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