I Hate My Inlaws!

The Hatred is harder for them to hide.

Posted on Fri, Sep. 14, 2018 at 05:06 am

I have dealt with my shitty ILs for 27 years now. I'm sooo tired of them and the shit they pull.
We have somehow avoided seeing them for almost 4 years now. Only because DUH travels more for his work and he doesn't feel like spending the little of the free time he has on dealing with their cruel brand of crazy and the hurt and tears they inflict on me anymore.
Life has been blissful because of the No contact with me and the kids. It has meant that the ILs will try to get their boot in however they can though.
It is harder for them to hide their hatred for me.
They have tried to pretend they love me and that everything is a misunderstanding etc. DUH flips and flops from protecting us from the crazy and from getting angry with me and denying there is any crazy.
DUH doesn't maintain any relationship with them himself and they are narcissists without any friends; MIL had to phone DUH to tell him to buy them a present for their birthdays.
He gave them a night at a hotel with the free points he had collected from his work travel. They pissed and moaned when they wanted to stay longer than he was prepared to give.
DUH forwarded me an email from FIL about the bookings. I pointed out to DUH that FIL signed it with "really longing to see you (DUH) and the grand kids". I pointed that they weren't longing to see me. DUH could then see it written for the first time where he couldn't deny it. It shows that the mask is slipping.
DUH knows that it will be a cold day in hell before the kids ever visit them without me :) I could care less that they hate me. The feeling is mutual. In fact, no one likes them. Not FILs sister or her kids, not MIls family and the neighbors hate them, they have no friends. Even SIL's ILs hate them. It's getting harder and harder for DUH to pretend they are normal and nice people.
DUH has let these A-holes sour our marriage. It has made me view him as a pathetic husband without a spine. He hasn't stood up to them for me and not even for his children. He hides behind excuses and pretends it's of his hands to the ILs. I don't find him attractive anymore. Uggh what a mess.

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