I Hate My Inlaws!

Do not ever take your anger out on a baby/child

Posted on Fri, Sep. 14, 2018 at 08:04 am

Disclaimer: while we are happy to know that you are expecting a rainbow baby, grow the fuck up and stop fucking treating my son like shit while you are happy to be playing with other people's kids BIL. Yes, it was really terrible for you to lose a kid. We were "lucky" to have ours despite him being hospitalized. However, why be fine with your friends' kids and not your own nephew? I know I could never understand your grief but to ignore our son and act like he doesn't exist like wishing him a happy birthday does not excuse your anger/grief. Does that honor your baby? No it doesn't. Why do you choose to not remember her? Sorry if I sound like a jerk but I was always taught to never take out your anger on a child nor will I condone such behavior. We waited awhile to announce we were having a baby two years after you lost yours and didn't want to say anything because of your feelings. Now that we are expecting our second, we are even more terrified. No offense, but no one should ever have to do that.

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