I Hate My Inlaws!

When MIL’s naively think DIL’s have it easier!

Posted on Sun, Oct. 07, 2018 at 09:18 pm

1. Just because you had a boy doesn’t mean you raised him any better than what your MIL raised your husband.

2. Just because you think the sun shines out of your son’s anus doesn’t mean I do.

3. All of the same disappointments you’ve had in your marriage in your 30’s - I’m having right now. All of the normal mundane NORMAL marriage let downs.

a) Sometimes he’s too tired for sex. In fact most of the time. So you can get it out of your head that we are over here recreating a steamy porn scene 24/7!
b) He’s like an oversized child who needs everything doing for him.
No, that not attractive or endearing - in the same way that your own husband being needy & childish & unevolved is not attractive to you.
c) I’m not a kept woman I pay 50-60% of the bills. So no, I’m not spending YOUR son’s money - which in some wharped way you deem to be your money.
d) your son (like all men) can be selfish, cold, self indulgent, unfair, and doesn’t listen. I cry myself to sleep in my marriage just like you did in yours. But at least your husband can put up a shelf, and your husband didn’t have a mobile phone so that he could text the office junior from his bed while he lay next to you...

4. Stop thinking my marriage is happier than yours just because I’m with your precious son. Sons and husbands behave differently. He doesn’t mind disappointing me. Believe me.

5. My life isn’t easier than yours was. Your grandparents were all dead by the time you were 30. I have to lose my weekend caring for mine, then you sulk when I’m not available at your beck and call. No not having steamy passionate sex. Just suffering from longer life expectancy and bigger, needier family models.

6. Yes I have modern appliances like a washing machine and a dishwasher- but I still have a husband who can’t locate either, or a wash basket for dirty clothes for that matter.

7. We both work the same hours yet your son gets down time and plays on his X-box and all of the other self indulgent toys you buy his 35 year old ass... I mean Jigsaws... I’ve got walls in my house that are half painted here... but you make sure he gets to play whilst I work some more. BITCH!

8. I might have a vagina but I wasn’t born to be a servant to your son. I pay half (and some) of all of the bills, buy all of the clothes on his back... I provide... so you can stop trying to turn me into a submissive DIL. I don’t serve him, or you.

9. Just because he has balls and a Dick doesn’t mean he is incapable of doing the same household tasks I do, just like me having a vagina hasn’t stopped me from earning and working. He’s not a victim if I ask him to help around the house. I am a MUG however if I don’t ask him to help.

10. Yes you did things differently - I would love to not work to but your son doesn’t earn enough to facilitate that. Maybe if you’d gone to job interviews with him and continued to do everything for him he would bring home more???

11. He snores all night, just like your husband.

12. He forgets our anniversary, just like your husband...

13. He has a crazy ass needy mother who can’t let him go, who annoys the hell out of us and is constantly nosying in our business... JUST LIKE YOUR HUSBAND!

Little empathy here please bitch?

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