I Hate My Inlaws!

In-laws more like in-hell

Posted on Sat, Dec. 01, 2018 at 09:58 am

Me and my bf are living together in our own appartment, and unfortunately, his parents live 5 minutes from us.
His mom never liked me at all, she's always throwing tantrums and she's the most narcisistic person I know. She has told my boyfriend in front of me that I am not good enough for him. She also grabbed his ass in front of me and said "I wish I had a man like you" in front of her husband also.
His father is a violent man, just like mine, and i think he might be bipolar. He's either saying he wants grandchildren or he's shunning me. He also has threatened me before, slamming the table, triggering a panic attack (i have these because my father used to beat me up).
You might think that maybe they have a reason to behave like this, but they don't. I've always treated them with respect, even when they disrespect me all the time.
I consider leaving my boyfriend and everything i've been fighting for for the past 5 years because I can't tolerate anymore their presence in our lives.

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