I Hate My Inlaws!

All I Want for Christmas....

Posted on Sun, Dec. 02, 2018 at 12:14 pm

MIL, Instead of the stinky dollar store bath collection you buy me every year (at the last minute) can you please get me something I really need instead:

1. Earplugs (so I can be in peace)
2. Booze (so I can get drunk and tolerate you)
3. Duct Tape (so I can tape your mouth shut)
5. Padlocks (to keep you out of our stuff)
6. Laxatives (to put in the food so everyone has to leave suddenly)
7. Tickets to the movies (so I have somewhere to go when u visit)
8. Sedatives (for you or me-who cares at this point)
9. Novelty glasses: the ones with the eyeballs painted on them so I can look interested without having to look at anyone (normally people could spot a fake pair of eyes- but you all barely even notice me: I really think I could pull it off)
10. ***if you are low on cash- you can always just stay home. It is worth more than anything you could ever buy me****

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