I Hate My Inlaws!

Life keeps getting better :)

Posted on Sat, Jan. 05, 2019 at 10:28 pm

6 glorious months since we've seen the il's. Blocked their numbers, blocked their social media accounts, blocked their gifts, blocked their knocks on the door, blockety, block, block, block m'fers!! After 20 years of your rude, snotty, manipulative,boundary stomping bs you are DONE! Should have kept it like this year's ago and never looked back. It would have saved a lot of mental anguish and stress. You took away so many happy moments from the family we created and the people who truly love and respect us. No mil, it is not abuse to keep our kids away from you, it's abuse to keep you in their lives. They don't love you, they only loved the gifts you stopped in for 5 mins to dump on them when you showed up here unnanounced to cause problems and show dominance. You never showed them REAL love in their little lives. If you were just my neighbor I would build a wall (lol) so high we'd forget your existence, being blood does not change that. You, your snotty daughters, sisters and bully husband can lay down and die together. Even in the rare occurrence dh ever speaks to you again you will never set eyes on me and MY kids. The bad vibes and negative energy in our lives has finally went away and my soul is at absolute peace.

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