I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Mon, Jan. 07, 2019 at 06:59 pm

The best description of my mil is a jealous, middle school mean girl bully who has never heard no, til I came along. I've had dh longer than her now ,he's been the happiest best version of himself and is the most perfect dh and father anyone could be blessed with. When I met him he was majorly depressed, didn't feel smart or attractive and wanted to take any job he could to get far away right after highschool. When we got together he had someone who loved him above all others and stood up for him and was happy in our little town. Mil feels all of her kids are put on this earth to make her look perfect and had been pushing dh to move away so she could brag that her son lived away and worked at such and such and she'd have a free ride to travel. I took that from her in her sick mind and she hated me the day I met her before I even got to her door. She was a brat to me from there forward. She once even pretended she cut her finger off to frantically get dh off the phone with me. If she knew dh and I had plans she'd force him to do something for her. She'd give me fat shaming or ugly gifts. Say snarky things. Ask me if I was on birth control. When we turned 18 dh would stay the night with me and she or sfil would come get him at 6am to mow their yard or dig ditches and lay rock for them. He was always punished. He was the cinderella of his siblings. Every other bil/Sil has always been welcomed with open arms, I was singled out. I realize it wasn't me at all it was her sick, twisted hold on dh and how he'd always been scapegoated. Dh and i moved in together because he was talking to me on the phone and they told him to get off the f'n phone and when he asked why they knocked the phone from his hand and poured a 2 liter of soda over his head. He left and never looked back. For over 2 decades I have been bullied and mentally abused by mil and her flying monkeys. I was a kid when I met her so things have stuck. I have ptsd and anxiety. We have went NC for almost a year and life has improved so much. She doesn't stop trying to communicate but we gray rock completely. Even in our absence she is still playing the middle school mean girl trying to get at us. I think it's time we really do move far away! I'll take that dream from mil too..

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