I Hate My Inlaws!

sing a song of sad assholes

Posted on Wed, Jan. 09, 2019 at 09:41 pm

well where do i begin? let me count the ways....

SIL 1 AKA THING 1-you have been a jealous fat hoe from day one. stop caring so much what i do and start loving yourself! it won't get you far if all you do is stuff your mouth and talk shit all day. FOCUS GIRL, YOU NEED IT.

SIL 2 AKA THING 2 AKA MANIPULATADORA (MANIPULATORA + MATADORA=MANIPULATADORA). it's ok for you to lie, cheat, steal, play games , play your whole family for fools while you continue to basically just take up space doing NOTHING. keep starting fights and manipulating your parents, keep stealing and getting arrested. one day it will catch up with you. you act so innocent to make MIL believe you but she knows deep down inside you are full of CRAP. Doesn't matter who you hurt because you are a selfish ASSHOLE. I would be sorry to be you.

MIL- you have been a horrid bitch since day 1. i was never good enough for your son. while you may scare some women off, I am way too strong for that shit. lucky me your son likes my p*ssy waaaaaay to much to let it go. must be damn gooooood. you try in everyway to put me down everytime you see me thinking you will somehow make yourself feel better about your shithole daughters but nope baby. KEEP ON HATING WHILE I KEEP ON WINNING!!!

in the words of the late great whitney houston......"KISSSS MA AAAASSSS!!!!"

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