I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Thu, Jan. 10, 2019 at 04:50 pm

How toxic is it that il's can bully and beat you down for years and years and when you finally beat back everything they've ever done is rug swept and turned on you. Your the bully and your the problem. Dh wants nothing to do with them but you, the wife, get all the bullying and blame and harassment because innocent naive dh couldn't possibly stand on his own feet. Now they can't fathom why theyre cut off and we don't ever want to see or hear about them again. They are sick, toxic bullys! They can keep blaming me all they want as long as it keeps them away. I'll be the one who protects my kids and dh. The rest of my life is going to be peaceful and happy. My kids will never spend their good years at the mercy of rude assholes and grow up to feel the way they've made me feel. Keep rug sweeping right off a cliff you bunch of looney tunes!

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