I Hate My Inlaws!

U got what u deserved

Posted on Fri, Feb. 01, 2019 at 03:56 pm

So we had our wonderful baby after trying for 6 yrs. Inlaws never asked how I was, or offered to help financially with our IVF despite FIL owning a supermarket and 2 apartment blocks. My family were amazing and scraped first 2 cycles then we worked our butts off to make up the rest of the cycles ourselves. My in-laws are toxic.Mil also thought it a good idea (2 years ago) to hand me a photo of her other grandchild while I was in hospital recovering from a miscarriage to make me feel better(?) So I thought I’d let her know our news by sending a picture postcard of our newborn baby to the house next door to them (by accident of course!) who would know before they did, ha ha. I wish I could have seen the shriveled old boot face (MIL) when she was told the news. A few days later MIL turned up (wearing black shades) so she wouldn’t be recognized and might have a chance to see the baby. I saw her at the frosted glass door, she saw me. Then I pulled the shades down slowly. U got what u deserved.

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