I Hate My Inlaws!

Dh you are not a real man

Posted on Sun, Feb. 03, 2019 at 05:14 am

I don't appreciate how you have decided that even though you are at your moms neck and call, no matter what we won't accept financial support from her.

Why is makes sense for me to be unable to buy groceries unless we have some money left over from bills..... No! It is better that our adult children adult children who are trying to start their own lives secretly give me money to buy food because of your pride...... Dh, can see this clearly?

When we moved here, I mean hell, you said so many lies......

Let me get this straight.... We sacrifice and struggle here and it makes your late dad proud because you are helping your mom........ Repairs in her home, yardwork, car repair and the complete husband tasks...

I don't restrict your time being a good boy to mommy dh. She keep offering you some money for your efforts knowing we struggle...... No you are a real man...

Yet, I cry myself to sleep worrying about money....

Last night, you said that no matter how,bad it gets financially, you aren't taking any of her offers to help us financially. Dh, are you using our money to buy parts and things for her home? Where is the money going?

Yet, you say we can't afford to get my vehicle repaired and we have to share one. All that matters is mommy..... I don't matter. Sometimes you say you resent me for not having a job here. How would I get to a job? When we moved here,.... You said that one of the perks of living here was was I didn't have to work... Then, you flipped your expectations and decided I need to sacrifice for your mom.

Dh, she hates me. I am not sacrificing for her. I will find a way to get money from cash back on buying groceries when I am allowed do buy them......I will find dignity somehow......

Dh, I don't care about your mom. She openly hates me. I just am indifferent about her. Last night, you discussed her back pain concerns and finding pain relief for her. I said nothing.... She isn't worthy my energy. I don't want to put the effort into expressing it. You are not being a good husband as well.

When she does die, I plan on going to a random strangers funeral in the state we are from instead of her funeral here. I will enjoy time in my home state while you play the role of the good little boy to everyone here.

If her health gets to the point that she needs rides to Doctor appointments and for errands, remember that I have told you many times that I am not willing to help in anyway. It is still true.

I am ticked off that you invited her in our home and you know she hates me and this is my safe place not to run into her.

Thankfully, I can smile knowing that your mom and the rest of your relatives are not invited to our adult daughters wedding. I know how you love to gossip and you can't even talk about the wedding to them Dh.

I actually hope she finds out about the wedding.

Everyone thanks reading. I wish I could give all of you a rose.

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