I Hate My Inlaws!

Treading on eggshells

Posted on Mon, Feb. 04, 2019 at 04:55 am

I get along with FIL but with MIL the relationship is very rocky. I thought everything was good at the beginning and then after time I realised how fake MILs family are. AIL and her DD are nothing but snobby and selfish. I hate them with a passion but to MIL they are golden and can do no wrong. With my old job I used to carshare with MIL as we worked in the same town and everyday it was constant bragging. about AIL and her family. Thing is my mom, MIL and AIL all work for the same place so I hear things from both sides. The management in this workplace are bullies and AIL was a manager. I heard from my mom that AIL was bullying people. I was not surprised but AIL span a completely different story to MIL. MIL of course swallows it all up. One day on a drive home I snapped and said I’m fed up of hearing about them and they are not perfect like you make them out. After this she started the guilt tripping, slagging off and waterworks to my DH to be. He of course as normal takes her side and I’m made to apologise yet if she says anything to me or tries interfering in my life I simply get told that’s the way she is and she won’t change. We then end up arguing because of it. Basically I’m fed up of it being MIL getting her own way all the time. She has major family issues as well as an alcohol problem but everyone is simply too scared to criticise her. AILs DD who ironically is named a princess by people is getting married in some posh place on a Monday. Already I’m not looking forward to it as I’ve had to take a day off work for it as it is on a Monday and MIL will be acting like mother of the bride. Me and DH to be are getting married this year but you would never know it as she makes more of a fuss of them then us. Thing is MIL actually believes these people care about her when in fact they use her and couldn’t care less. MIL was ill last year in Hospital and at the time she was looking after the dog for AIL. On the day that AIL was returning from a trip (only two hours away) MIL needed to go to Hospital. Me and DH couldn’t look after the dog as we have a flat so MIL phoned AIL asking if she could take the dog back as she was on her way home anyway. MIL was met by a moan and no. Hmmm some caring sister huh and like I said to DH to be it’s always us that has to pick up the pieces when they do stuff like this. I’m just hoping that one day something will happen and the penny will drop that these people don’t care. Maybe then she will realise how we have come second best to them but I’m not holding my breath....

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