I Hate My Inlaws!

The lack of morality

Posted on Wed, Feb. 06, 2019 at 06:39 pm

My in laws claimed to be a family of Christians with good morals and other positive things. In reality they are judgemental egotistical and self centered, the only fantastic person out of the in laws is my wonderful loving wife. Mil acts oblivious and carefree but actually she really doesn't care what happens because she's a control freak and she basically wants to control the life of my wife HA! not on my watch!!! Fil is an egotistical closet alcoholic and thinks he's right 24/7 and doesn't really care how anyone else feels unless he's talking about himself. Older sil is self centered and has a God complex because of her high I.Q. and isn't very nice when she claims to be. Younger sil is EXTREMELY egotistical only looks out for herself. My wife is not like any of these people she's kind sweet and generous and because of me she has a better understanding of good morals. The only reason I understand it so well is because of My kick ass and loving mom

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