I Hate My Inlaws!

Take a deep breath, strap yourselves in, it's long

Posted on Wed, Mar. 06, 2019 at 06:25 pm

Got involved with the now in laws during older BIL 1st divorce so as a newcomer I was glared at with a scowl that is now a permanent feature on my now MIL's hate filled face. You warned me then, that if I ever hurt future hubby, you would hunt me down - I should've listened to my inner voice. At my wedding you wore the same colour dress as my wedding dress, and scabbed some flowers from the bridesmaids (and surrounding gardens) to make yourself a bouquet and act like the day was about you. Somehow managed to get in every post wedding pic too.
MIL has 3 daughter in laws and likes to take turns shunning one of us at a time and plays little games seeing if she can turn us against each other....but we all chat so we know what she's reporting to each of us about the others. Fast forward years of passive aggressive snide comments, insults, putting my own family down, making me cry in my own home just with a glance from the permanent resting bitch face. Then my son got cancer, how you managed to make that about you I'll never know. You told him that he was going to lose friends because he had cancer, you said that to a CHILD!! You and FIL told all your family that hubby and I were getting a divorce because our son had cancer (nothing could be further from the truth, just wishful thinking on your part). You told my son that it was MY fault he got cancer....boy was that lovely to hear from my beautiful bald chemo suffering son, I can tell you !!!!
In the last 2 yrs you've claimed to have Lung cancer, bowel cancer, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and now diabetes....starving for attention much? Not one of your kids calls you out on your bullshit attention seeking lies, but I couldn't take it anymore so I did....I hoped you would take away ONE, just one fact from that hour long waste of my time. Keep it up and you will die a lonely woman. You've destroyed a relationship with one DIL, the other 2 are not too far behind me. 3 out of your 8 grandchildren want nothing to do with you, the others won't be too far behind either. You lie, you take things from my house, you ridicule and lie about me in my own home loud enough for me to hear TO MY HUSBAND, you NEVER apologise for your comments or actions - as far as you're concerned you have some right to express 'opinions' - honey just because you want to say something offensive, irrelevant, inappropriate and just plain nasty, doesn't make it an opinion....that's just makes you a soul sucking bitch. You taught your own sons, from the day they were born, that they owed you. Sadly they just can't see what you really are. Maybe one day you will go too far (telling a kid with cancer he's going to lose friends was as low as it could get I would've thought)and your own boys will finally stand up to you, but until that day comes I will stand up and call you out for your endless crap, and you can only blame yourself for that, cause darlin' you created a MONSTER!!!

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