I Hate My Inlaws!

Hitler Inlaws

Posted on Thu, Mar. 07, 2019 at 08:19 am

My husband and I ageed to take care of elderly parents, first mistake , second mistake move into their home , which is my husband and siblings inheritance. If we say something they don't agree with his Dad gets mad puts his hands up in the air and says thats enough of that. My husband cows down. We were aloud to move in but don't bring any of your stuff. We had to fight tooth and nail to get a spot to put our food, make the spare bedroom into a room for us to go to , in order to get out of our bedroom. His Mom constantly moving my stuff. Pans come up missing. Books from the book shelf put on our bed, refridgerator magnets bagged up and put in our room, doesn't go with her decor. I clean the bathrooms with in 4 hrs. dried snot and tooth paste running down the sink, kitchen floor, blk. shoe prints all over the floor from her shoes, she spills food running down cabinet, dried food on cabinet nobs from her old crusty hands. She trashes the house because she doesn't have to clean it. She hates me and the feeling is mutual. They try to tell me when I should go to bed and get up in the morning. Interfere in my marriage. I'm 55 yrs. old. My husband talks like a baby when he talks to them. They hold the house and property against him thats how they bully us around. His Mom lives for this house its the most important thing to her. We have wash our dirty laundry if someones coming over or put it in our bedroom to hide it. Omg. We have to keep our bottles of water in the garage because someone might see it on the porch. She controls her husband so much that she lays his clothes out for him every morning. He can't do one thing by himself. She is a control freak and he is afraid of her so he backs her up or he wont hear the end of it or she wont feed him. Die, die, die inlaws. I pray for god to take them. The other siblings wont come around. One was on dr.phil she has eatting disorder, wonder why, she could never express her feelings, its not aloud in this house. Brother major alcoholic. Husband left when he was 17. Why would he bring me into this ? Why ?

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