I Hate My Inlaws!

Bil, the golden is 60. With maturity of a toddler

Posted on Thu, Mar. 07, 2019 at 02:51 pm

Heading to the in laws tomorrow how do I despise these arrogant people
Let me count the ways . Oh and this involves a plane flight rental car and hotels I pay for as dh is out of work. And paying to board my dog which I like way more than my mangy in laws
Fil over the years constantly bragged about his youngest son
Spoiled brat aged 60 going on 2, yes a toddler in his maturity level
Quote bragfest from fil.....Douglas never worked a day in his life for anyone
Come to find out fil was secretly funneling him a LOT of money
300 k to keep his business afloat
The family lawyer told my DH this when his ****itch of a mother died at 88
I am going down for my husband as it is his arrogant onion breath fathers 90 th birthday. I can’t for the life of me see how my dh loves this man, so what he’s his father
His father uses threat of disinheritance to get his way
But probably he is leaving anything left to the BRAT
Gosh I despise these people

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