I Hate My Inlaws!

Three is a crowd

Posted on Tue, Mar. 12, 2019 at 10:39 pm

You knew how important it was for your son and I to hang the framed pictures of our wedding for the very first time, so you couldn't resist including yourself yet again, like you always do. Not only did you wait for a moment when I wasn't there to suggest to my husband that the two of you alone, hang mine and your son's wedding pictures by yourselves, without me. I could hear you from my bedroom telling him where and how to hang them. What gives you the right? It is the fact that you knew I was looking forward to share that moment alone with my husband. I have been so patient for almost 10 years, since I started dating your "baby", because you refuse to call him anything else, but the same nicknames I have for home like: "baby" and "love". I get it! You are his mom, you were here first and I have respected your place in his life, but you refuse to respect my place in his life by always inviting yourself. I still remember the time we gave you a ride to the store on date night and you through a massive tantrum, door-slapping, yelling and threatening to just take the bus, because we wouldn't invite you along on OUR date! And these instances are just a few of so many.

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