I Hate My Inlaws!

They killed my dog

Posted on Wed, Mar. 13, 2019 at 09:34 pm

While we were away caring for our sick son (we live in a rural area so we had to take him hours away to a large city based hospital for treatment)they decided to go for a drive around our place to check on things (uninvited, unnecessary and completely unwarranted.) We had a beautiful little puppy, maybe 7 weeks old, that they let out running around the car. We had very strictly told them not to as she was only very young and had no sense around cars.....but noooooooo did you listen? Did you even care when you ran her over because you were too busy chatting away while she was running around the car? You took her to the vet (I assume you were terrified of how we would react, how your first born grandson fighting for his life would react) You killed our dog, dragged her lifeless body to the vet, never apologised once. You drove past the vet's on the way home, did you pop in and offer to pay for the vet bill????? Nooooooo you just kept on driving - had to get home and unpack the stuff you stole from my house while you were there and we weren't. It was so lovely to have to bury our beautiful little puppy and then go and pay the several hundred dollar vet bill you couldn't be fucking bothered to pay even though you let her around the car when we explicitly told you not to. Did you once say you were sorry????....but hey, you two always know what's best don't you. Can never admit when you've done the wrong thing. You're cruel, hate-filled, heartless, lying pieces of shit and I hate you both.
Arseholes I can't wait for the freedom your departure from this earth will afford me.

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