I Hate My Inlaws!

Irreparable Damage

Posted on Mon, Apr. 08, 2019 at 06:18 pm

I'm not going to take away from the handful of nice things you've done for us. I think the problem is that you think those nice things make up for the many years of rejection and cruelty you've inflicted upon us.

I know it frosted your toast that we didn't ask your permission to begin a relationship with one another. That sort of control problem is all on YOU. That really touched things off, didn't it?

You decided right then and there to reject me, and you made damned sure to let me know at every turn that you didn't approve. We got married anyway, and much to your great chagrin (which is evidenced all over your faces in our wedding photos).

How do you suppose that made me feel? Are you even capable of looking outside of yourselves to ask yourselves that question? I had very little family, and wanted nothing more than to be loved and accepted by yours. That was clearly not ever going to happen.

So, on that front, you won. Does that bring you great delight to know you hurt me with your rejection? Clearly, we didn't allow it to affect our marriage. We're still happily married many years later and enjoy a life far away from your crazy-making and your many attempts to influence everyone in your extended circle. That was also a victory on your part. Congratulations.

We, however, have our own friends and wonderful circle around us now. After so many years, your rejection has very little sting any more. I only feel pity for you, because I know the lot of you are fairly miserable inside of yourselves.

We've all settled on this sort of cease fire. We only talk to one another occasionally, and it's always kept fairly brief and cordial - but there is no real warmth there. And I guess that pretty much describes you all to a T: No Real Warmth.

It's no wonder you're all so miserable.

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