I Hate My Inlaws!

You Reap What You Sow Dear MIL

Posted on Sun, Apr. 14, 2019 at 09:55 am

Just hung up the phone with my SIL, the one you also hate. Lol

We are truly enjoying the plans being made. The plans you wanted to make for yourself, but because you cannot help youself, other family members decided the plans for you. The two of us simply going along with it. We didn’t make these plans, but we sure are going to be super extra helpful in obliging 🤗.

My fave part is that this happens to be over your birthday 🙊. Wow, what a doozy of a fuck up on your part. Good luck to you as you try and weasel your way out of the fuckery you single handedly created.

Here’s to reaping it out 🥂💋 hahaha...

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