I Hate My Inlaws!

Family hierarchy.

Posted on Mon, May. 13, 2019 at 11:54 am

We are earning twice the money of what the golden SIL and her husband are making.

I am not saying that to brag, in fact its the complete opposite. We live modestly because we are paying for everything ourselves. We’re not loaded, but we’re financially independent. It’s a concept thats alien to SIL because she is a total moocher.

My in laws are still paying about 75% of SIL’s living expenses and i could give you a list:
SIL’s kids private education $24k a year.
Super cheap rent at my in laws property. $1500 a month. For a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom property in California with a huge backyard and close to the beach, 😂 it’s amazing bargain! On top of that, FIL was venting to my husband how SIL only pay rent whenever she feels like it. Wow.
MIL is still paying for SIL’s utilities, groceries, clothes, housekeeper, babysitter.
SIL whined about her old car and FIL bought her a $30k new car straight away.
On top of SIL’s $60k first wedding, $20k second wedding, $60k condo downpayment, overseas study, her college, her postgraduate, et cetera, etc.

That’s like two properties my in laws bought for SIL. Two colleges. Two weddings. SIL’s two kids expenses. SIL knows her parents are going to give her the house she’s renting from them anyway, that’s why she barely pay her rent to her parents.

Of course SIL can go on vacation all the time, MIL is paying for that too. In contrary, we have to plan ahead and save money to be able to go on vacation (that we pay ourselves). Our instagram may not be filled with fancy vacation pictures, but we’re fine with it. We’re not going to be in debt for social media whoring.

For some twisted reason, MIL truly want to make SIL looks ‘successful’. She invested sooooooo much money on SIL just to make her looks decent. Which is funny, because SIL still manages to fuck her own life up. It’s like putting lipstick on a turd. It’s still a turd.

Meanwhile, my spouse is the actual successful child in their family, he climbed the ladder, he worked hard to be where he is, yet he never received acknowledgement from his parents. The most he got from them is the same generic gift basket for his birthday every year. Yeah, MIL don’t even bother trying for him.

Their family hierarchy is so weird for me. The shitty child who treats her parents like garbage gets everything, while the good child who treated his parents to gifts and dinners gets nothing.

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