I Hate My Inlaws!

Let's see

Posted on Wed, Jun. 05, 2019 at 09:04 am

Purchased $400 in gifts for you with no expectation it would be returned, let you have the first pick at items we sold but offered them to you at no cost, and compromised with you when there was no gain for me whatsoever yet you betray me at every turn. You use our conversations as leverage and repulse me to the point that this relationship cannot return. There you go being ungrateful for all that I have done. Now tough day you want an apology...an apology for what? Asking you what you meant, trying to clarify misunderstanding after misunderstanding, and instead of being jovial about things, taking them in jest, you choose to shame like a true psycho. You have no empathy and yet the world owes you an apology as you give back nothing to deserve it. It's not like you were super understanding. No you were cold, callous, and manipulative to turn the situation in you. You are the victim. When will you learn that is exactly when you lose people. You give them nothing and leave them feeling yet they owe you, the troll, an apology. There you go being entitled as usual. You know exactly what you are doing and no one owes you an apology until you change your ways for good. You are delusional land after the last tirade, apparently you believe in gangstalking too which is lovely for a person who works with vulnerable people...NOT. The people who hired you are going to rue the day they cosigned that worthless contact. You are lower than low and I'm not surprised the backstory is what you choose to use against us all. The age comment and that jab about upbringing. Mmhm Your narcissistic troll strategy is nothing new to us bitch. You need a new strategy because your old one's been discovered long ago. That's why our mutual friends is no longer mutual. She dropped off your list because she saw what everyone else sees when they become part of your family. Unfortunately, unfriending you is not an option for me so unfollow it must be. She came to understand your rules that you can talk trash about everyone but no one can even joke with you. Enjoy your delusions. All you've got.

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