I Hate My Inlaws!

Days of a Skink Looking In-law

Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 05:01 pm

Day 1 - I blew the coach. Whoopsie! Now I have to leave, his wife hates me, everyone hates me. I even hate myself because I didn't use this Oxford comma and they really are important.

Day 2 - This quote successfully alienated everyone. Why did no one like it? They jelsies of me.

Day 3 - Don't hate me coz u taint me! The truth, I am so aspirational. I really are, I really are.

Day 4 - Never jizzuezz by the lines on my face but I is 40. I is lie bought my age.

Day 5 - Did not abort my teenage pregnancy not that I tell the truth bought that. I is proud of lie, lie means I do not own the firstborn mistake. She stooopid like me DUUUURRRRUUURRRRUURRRUURRR *drools*

Day 6 - *head hits keyboard* What was I sleeping, whys my hand nevermind;their this military dude, this like airhead chick and thier blah blah blah really a-noise me. LOL This entire post is lie coz I two faced lying whore butt I ummerrgumm *drool passes out hitting end table;wakes up* where was I so grateful about something in my life;we all have same graves;that sound perfect. *picks up needle injects heroin*

Day 7 - I hate MIL SIL.I hate EVERYONE! I lukk cute, maybe slit my wrist later coz he didn't call on May *phone rings;answers* you have my eighth good *drools* what was I typing oh right really he wuzz too busy actuality enjoying ploughing his wife!

LADY you doth protest to much and your grammar is atrocious. You need a brain scan talking smack about mine but that is another story for another time. You react to everything I say, everything I do, and even things I don't even say or do directly to you. So to answer your false overly emphasized statement.

YES, I IN FACT DO! I'm like the ring leader I call the shots. I'm like a fire cracker I make it hotter than you. Which is why you forever screwing married behind your cuck's back. Insecurity is a real bitch for you isn't it??? Especially since you emotionally eat for two and you can't remember the last time you went 30 minutes without eating. They don't have to buy the milk because you literally two whole cows! FYI: That's a real put down.

You yourself used language you got from him because you are a fat hoodrat sewer skank.

Welcome to the East Coast. Hope some southern belle kicks your ass.

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