I Hate My Inlaws!

Even after death...

Posted on Mon, Jun. 10, 2019 at 10:30 pm

You still cause me stress. Not only did you NOT consider your debt load before promising people a specified dollar amount in your will, you verbally gifted the same item 3 x over to different people and did not include a cocidal in along with your will.

DH ( ME) executor is having to clean up this fucking mess while working full time. Fuck you... Fine no cocidal, we have to garage sale everything just to try to make up the amounts you allocated in the will. This while dealing with DH’s useless half siblings who do nothing and expect everything. We live another state and have been travelling back and forth to continue dealing with your crap. THIS, after DH gave up contracts to look after YOU. Did you need to leave the estate in such a fucking mess. Papers everywhere, loans we did not know about .. really... Your other three useless children don’t work, live close (20 min) do nothing and yet this shit falls on us. Just know... the only reason I have stepped up is so that DH does have to suffer more than he already has. I have all the time world don’t you know with working full time and completing Masters Degree. I am doing probate on my own to keep the estate expenses at minimum so that your other greedy kids can go party for 6 months and hopefully die.

Your money means shit to me and DH. If he did not promise you he would fulfill your wishes we would have run to the hills from this crap. Can you go haunt your other kids and tell them them to leave us alone... we will let them know when probate is granted and the shitty house is sold.

Thanks for the memories.

One more thing. DH has no intentions of EVER speaking to his half siblings once this is over. Funny that the youngest by 14 years has the pleasure of being executor. I WONDER WHY!

I am so stressed out and at the end of my fuse.

I am thankful for this forum, needed a place to vent and I know.. this too will pass, much like you.

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