I Hate My Inlaws!

You both suck.

Posted on Thu, Jun. 13, 2019 at 11:20 am

My shitty alcoholic and drug addict in-laws really are the bane of my existence and about to be the bane of my marriage. One has been a jerk to me the whole time I have known them and the other tries to make me play nice and forgive without an apology or admittance of wrongdoing or guilt. They split up after a few years of knowing them and he got cancer recently, I just lost my dad to cancer not even 6 months prior, and this POS gets to be crappy to everyone he has EVER come into contact with and the other spouse that left felt bad because he was sick and alone...new flash you were alone because you suck and your many "friends" clearly aren't friends they use you for your house and land. I didn't have to be nice at the hospital I could've done what I wanted to do and said "Karma works in strange ways" after wishing many bad things on my family and marriage but I was polite and quiet. WHICH YOU SHOULD TRY SOMETIME. But you get this diagnosis and get CHARITY to pay for it because you "hate obama care and health insurance" No you hate people of color, and pretty much anyone that isn't poor, white, male, hetrosexual, and a pig and so does the racist gang you belong to. But what Really boils me alive is that you got told your cancer was a direct link to your drinking and lifestyle. we were all told at the same time and your Ex-wife has the nerve to say that's not what it is?! OH I AM SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE SMARTER THAN THE DOCTOR OMG WHY DIDN'T I GET TOLD?! You can look at yourself in the mirror everyday, still drink a case of beer and be scum of the earth, and you expect everyone to just forgive you like they always have and you never apologize, never change, and they just overlook it. In case you haven't learned after all these years, you got the right one to try it with. You really are a sorry POS and I would never wish what my father went through on ANYONE but you, I hope you burn in hell. I hope you go peacefully and spend the rest of eternity in the pits of hell. I hope when you start to go you and have the "life flashes before your eyes" moment that you see everything you have done and it makes you sick to your stomach and ashamed of everything you are. You nearly ruined my spouse's life and i hope you feel a truly new level of guilt that no one has felt before.

You suck so hard. F.U.C.K. off.

Wow that felt great.

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