I Hate My Inlaws!

See? It’s ‘That’ Easy...

Posted on Mon, Jul. 08, 2019 at 08:56 am

You will never change, you or your miserable messed up husband-Narcissists never do.

However, what has changed, is the amount of time I give you, to remind you that I am still in your son’s life-until ‘I’ choose otherwise-and that you spinning tale after tale only serves to remind me why staying away from you has been glorious! It’s easy! So very easy!

I don’t miss your drama, I don’t miss your gossip, I don’t miss your bitchy comments, I don’t miss your tedious ramblings because you absolutely love the sound of your own voice!

You lie to cover your shitty tracks, you spread rumours-even your children know! They use that when it suits them but then fall flat on their faces because it comes back to bite them! Fools!

It’s so easy to keep away from you and your toxicity, you can’t even believe to understand how smooth life can be without your crap and attention seeking nonsense.

Because what you are, all of you! Messed up, tedious, time wasting attention seekers with no class, education or respect for anyone.

You’re lonely and you made that happen yourself!

I am working, enjoying life, thriving, experience lovely relationships with delightful people and you seem less and less significant as the weeks pass.

You are so pathetic.

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