I Hate My Inlaws!

Mr Miserable

Posted on Tue, Jul. 09, 2019 at 06:36 pm

My brother in law is on his way over. I really do love the guy - when he’s not being the most miserable person in the world. If he’s having a hard time with something then everyone has to have a hard time. And god help you if you try to encourage him and say that hard times come and go and that supporting family and friends can help get you through when you can’t get yourself through. I mean whatever could anyone like me or my wife know about hardship?

Cancer, fertility problems, sudden organ failure caused by autoimmune diseases, disability...(we’re only in our mid 30’s)

No, none of that can compare to how hard graduate school is!

It’s not even like we try to one up him. We don’t bring that stuff up. He knows what we’ve been through. We know his struggles. The point of family is mutual support and solidarity. He seems to think it’s about having punching bags and dumping grounds.

I hope we get the nice one today.

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