I Hate My Inlaws!

You are a pathetic sad old hag!

Posted on Tue, Jul. 09, 2019 at 07:11 pm

You friendless dumb old hag no one likes you enough to spend any more time with you than they have to! Even your kids! Except my poor husband who you abused the shit out of when he was little he told me about the beatings and everything else and how you treated him differently from your other 2 kids because he is from a different father who he never met thanks to you! But you dumb containing old hag have no idea that I know it all you like to pretend to be soo holly and find faults with everyone around you dumb idiot you are a joke I only respond to your messages because I feel sorry for you believe me I'm very tempted to stop but I do it out of respect for my poor husband who you fucked up with abuse while he was growing up. It's been great working and not having to see your ugly face listen to your rude comments nasty remarks mixed with the 1950s school girl humour its pathetic you truly are pathetic! You are terminally Ill as much as I hate saying this its karma knocking on your door for being such a miserable dumb bitch all your life! I just wish you would stop messaging me its fucking annoying I dont want to hear from you ever! You are lucky I allow you to see my son only because of my poor husband I let him bring our baby along as long as I'm not there and I will make sure to avoid the shit out of you you will be lucky to have my company once a year for xmass...oh but I might have to work 😂 get a life seriously get some friends stop harassing your kids for entertainment dumb cow

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