I Hate My Inlaws!

We Aren't ALLOWED Kids

Posted on Wed, Nov. 06, 2019 at 04:01 pm

MIL, after her son and I told her about our plans for a baby 'Oh no I'm not allowing that. Diabetes runs in your family, not ours. We're a good stock.'

Yes diabetes runs in my family on my mums side. My Uncle got it at 16, my Aunt at 22 and my mother at 43, despite being rather healthy people. I was told at 8yrs old I was pre-diabetic, I got hit by a car and my pancreas and liver took a lot of damage. My liver, after 6 yrs of hospital stays slowly healed itself. My pancreas? Not so much. It released too much insulin and I was diagnosed as a type 2 at 22yrs old.

I struggle with pancreatic attacks that can last up to 9days if I have even a little bit of chilli.

But my health otherwise is fine.

MIL on the other hand? Would get drunk while pregnant and smoke constantly. So maybe she should keep her bullshit opinions to herself about our future baby plans. We weren't seeking her APPROVAL we were TELLING her what we were doing.

Theres a difference.

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