I Hate My Inlaws!

TRICK or treat

Posted on Wed, Nov. 06, 2019 at 08:14 pm

In-laws do you offer TRICKS or treats? The short answer....TRICKS. you are all slimey hoes that lie/cheat/scam and hate on me and others. the jelousy/envy/hate is such a horrible energy. im drained around you all. my attempts at a relationship with you are completely put aside and you wonder why things are the way they are? ITS BEEN 11 YEARS AND YOU STILL HAVENT LET ME INTO THE BLACK HOLE YOU CALL YOUR HEART. well guess what? at this point I DONT GIVE A FUCK...ive learned to live and let go. all i do now? I GIVE WHAT I GET. you dont invite me out? i dont invite you. you go through my husband for everything? i go through him too. you spend holidays alone with no invite to us even though one sibling LIVES UP THE STREET and the other is FEW BLOCKS AWAY in the same town? i dont either. you dont communicate with me? i dont communicate with you. hell it took 11 years for the large and in charge SIL#1 to even speak to me one on one at any family gathering. SIL 2 just avoids me. all i can say is im living my best life. you can speculate all you want and talk shit to the rest of the family about what im doing all you want and guess what .....you'll never know what im up to!! you see my car in the driveway? omg what does that mean? i guess in your peanut brain it means im doing nothing. the better question to ask is WHY THE FUCK IS YOUR LIFE SO LAME THAT YOU FEEL THE NEED TO STALK ME? heres a bone for you....get a clue and then get a life. stop hating on my success, my attitude, my body, my lifestyle and just about everything from A to Z. its not a good look. i mean god damn the wrinkles in your forehead and between brows shows the horrible stress/envy and bs you've put yourself through. we all know you've had a charmed life so why you look like hell at your ripe age is beyond me. any ways....'tooteloo' will let you know my next move after ive sucessfully excecuted it. maybe you can jot down some notes for your own life. best of luck.....BITCH

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