I Hate My Inlaws!

Just listen for once in your life!!!

Posted on Sun, Dec. 01, 2019 at 12:26 pm

You have complained to me for years now about BIL's strangeness, his refusal to have anything real to do with family, his withdrawal into being a recluse who only communicates with his Facebook friends and spends all his time having online battles with others who do not share his views. Fair enough. But when I tried 4 or 5 times over the last 6 months to communicate with him, needing and wanting to have a chat because he and I had a pretty close relationship and I was going through a tough time of my own and he never responded, gave me the cold shoulder too, I told you this morning that it caused me to feel hurt and that I was disappointed at his treatment of me and that I missed having him in my life. You had the nerve to interrupt me (many times), not hear me out, and lecture me that we "can't change anyone else, we can only change ourselves". I've told you a thousand times not to preach to me that what I am feeling is "wrong". You can disagree with me if you want, but stop steamrollering me and telling me I am "wrong" and I am "over-reacting" and my "views are too extreme". For crying out loud, you have moaned to me that he excluded you and you were sad about it, but I don't deserve to be heard and have the same consideration?! Will you ever catch the clue that I don't want your "advice", whatever it is, unless I ASK FOR IT and that maybe, just maybe, I need and want a tiny crumb of sympathy, maybe I'd love to have some acknowledgement of the way I feel (which is what you told me YOU felt 6 months ago) and that I'd just like to have my feelings RESPECTED instead of always being told I am "wrong" because I am not reacting exactly the way you want me to? You stupid woman. I am dreading having to spend a week with you at Christmas. And BIL? I don't care if he shows up or not. I don't care any more what he has to say for himself. I've given my all to try to help him. Clearly he doesn't want my help, so it's time I take care of my own psychological well-being. And that means not taking ANYTHING you have to say seriously, because I know by now it's all going to be criticism anyway. Thanks for nothing.

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