I Hate My Inlaws!

Keep it all in the family sil

Posted on Sat, Feb. 08, 2020 at 07:50 am

I couldn’t figure it out all these years why my fil would buy a house for my husband's brother and his wife years ago.You told my husband you put over 50,000 dollars into a house so far and not get an investment on it back?Brother in law and wife hardly paid their rent to him.Then it dawned on me how brother and wife use to live with them years ago.Mil would be at work,brother in-law at work but fil and my husband’s brothers wife are there alone quite a lot.Fil made a comment about brothers wife as if he hitted on her and she might make things up about him.It was strange and odd but I never forgot it.I remember how at Christmas time fil and brothers wife had this flirty sexual chemistry between them.I use to think fil just favored youngest son over my husband but since their relationship has been nothing but horrible and rocky over the years,it is now evident that fil either had an affair with his sons wife or he’s been in love with her.People put their time and money where their heart is at.You think you are so smart fil and sil.I mentioned this to my husband about fil and he agrees with me because he heard you too saying odd ball tales on how brothers wife might spread lies about you hitting her.Why would she do that fil?Now that brother and wife might be living back with you guys again you can carry on the affair with her again huh?Fil you are nothing but a sneaky pig along with piggie brothers wife.Brothers wife had a fling with uncle and use to visit my other husband’s brother when his wife wasn’t there.This brothers wife seemed like she was crushing on my husband for a spell but I kept my eye on her.Im so glad I don’t see these screwed up people anymore.

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