I Hate My Inlaws!

Am I Wrong?

Posted on Sat, Feb. 08, 2020 at 02:26 pm

My in-laws are narcissistic people, they think the world revolves around them. It first started when I first met my wife and her two daughters who were 2 and 3 years old. MY FIL (father in law) tells me he wants me to sell my house and purchase a house where they live. Before I go on, let me explain something. I purchase my home in a neighborhood where the housing market is established and well desired. The value of my home is well above the value of the homes where my in-laws live. I also bought my home way (11 years) before meeting my wife and we only live 18 miles apart. Ok back to why I hate them. So, after several more attempts to get me to sell my house and purchase a house where they live so it is convenient for them. They purposely missed our daughters (I call the two girls my daughters) school program and they told my wife we lived to far. The program was in the morning not late at night and when the girls asked where Grandpa and Grandma was my wife had to lie and say they had doctors appointment. That got me really mad. But my wife's sister's husband (I refuse to call him a Bother in-law) is an Insurance salesman and when ever he needed a report printed for his friend or family I gladly did it for him. But the minute I asked for an insurance quote, he became Houdini and I never heard from him until 6 1/2 weeks later. He has the tenacity to call my wife and ask if I was still interested with them quote. He has my number and could have called me and apologized and say he forgot or what ever his reason is, but he has no balls (although he likes to lick them) and instead calls my wife. Ok, why I made that comment about licking balls, he is a brown nose, sycophant. He ALWAYS drives our FIL and MIL to family gatherings. Mind you my wife and her sister also have 2 other brothers who live within a mile. So, this continued for many years (we've been married for 16 years) but I don't say much and kept to myself but I always were courtesy to him despite disliking him. Two years ago sycophant, my FIL & MIL and SIL along with my wife plan a trip to Japan and done it secretly without inviting me. They also planned it on the exact same date that my parents were going to Japan so I had no way to go because we have several dogs, fish, birds to tend to. I was furious with them because they did not even give me a chance to decline to travel with them or not. My MIL then stated to me, "Why you would not have gone anyway, right?" That is not the point, the point is you had no class in inviting me to travel with my wife and kids and deliberately excluded me. So, they went and I was still trying very hard to be nice. Upon the return my MIL says to me, "keep your books open for next year." So, I figured great I'll get to go with them. Well, the sycophant and my wife's sister planned another trip to Japan and guess what, they purposely left me out again. They know I am upset about their actions because during a Christmas family gathering at my BIL's house I over heard them talking about Japan trip again and I interrupted and said, "You all are not planning a secret trip again are you? Do everyone know that we are a couple?" Well that did not sit well with my wife. But I have to start defending myself. Now another reason I do not like the sycophant is because, despite all of this when I have something I share with everyone. Banana's, papayas, fish etc... Well sycophant here goes fishing with a friend and he has the nerve not to share with me. It's his prerogative to share with me or not, BUT, when w have our normal monthly family gathering, he makes a point to walk up to who I am talking to and ask how was the fish? Remember I dislike the guy so I avoid to talk to him. I later told my wife and she said her sister told her we live to far. Hello, who do you think they got that from? 18 miles away is far? I drive over everytime I share with them. It takes 25 minutes (almost all freeway) one way to get there. Okay folks tell me am I wrong?

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