I Hate My Inlaws!

My wife’s nasty step family.

Posted on Mon, Feb. 10, 2020 at 01:41 am

My DW has two younger step sisters (same dad, diff mums). The youngest (SIL2) is loud and spoilt with a sad little husband, the other sister(SIL1) is controlled so much by her own husband she no longer has an opinion of her own. I’ve known these people for 30 years.

My wife is funny and caring just like her mum and I could see straight away why she divorced DW’s dad.

My FIL (deceased) and SMIL were all about appearances and really competitive , even with their own children. If we went out for a meal as a whole family, FIL would try and start a drinking competition with the SILs, full of nasty comments if we declined. Every time he would get drunk and embarrass us in public by starting fights with us or other diners.

SMIL only cares about the money in her pocket and Her possessions. We asked her to babysit once, she expected to be PAID and by the hour! The woman has never worked in her life! We never asked again.
(She asked the same of her own kids and they paid her out of desperation).

When FIL died, (he drank, smoked and lived on fried food- SMIL couldn’t understand why he had a heart attack) we found out how much debt they were in. Every time someone in the family bought a new car/couch/holiday etc, MIL/FIL would get a new one but better and gloat how much it cost. FIL had a good job so we thought they could afford it. Actually EVERYTHING they own was on credit and SMIL had to borrow money from a rich cousin to pay for FIL funeral. They had no pensions. 10 years on and SMIL is broke and bitter, waiting for cousin to die so she can get his money.

MIL and the SILs treated DW terribly when FIL died and didn’t involve her in the funeral so we decided to go NC after that.

Our life is so much better now, we hear what’s going on in their lives occasionally through other relatives but not dragged into the drama. SIL#2 keeps getting caught having affairs, her doormat husband keeps having her back and then they pop out another kid. SIL#1 has also gone NC on the family. SIL#1’s daughter (the only person I ever met without any personality) keeps having kids which are handed straight over to the state.

I recommend to anyone to go NC If their Inlaws do not enhance their lives. the years of hurt they caused DW could have been avoided if we’d done it sooner.

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