I Hate My Inlaws!

My ex mil Antichrist

Posted on Tue, Feb. 11, 2020 at 07:39 pm

Hello this is my story I was married to my husband for 25yrs at first she was alright than after being married to my husband I noticed her trying to tell lies on me , I stole her Jewelry she told my two sons lies on me she tried to break up her oldest son's marriage but him and his wife got the know what out of Dodge she couldn't break them up so she started in on me and my husband and successful done it I told him what she was doin but he is such a mamas boy he went right along with it even tho it has difted him into more drinking than ever this woman has done more harm than Satan could of done I will be so happy to see the ole bag rip good rest her soul but I be glad when that day comes and what's so funny about it is I'm not supposed to feel like this how can this woman get to me so bad after all I resheached my anstor y and found that I'm 10th cousin to Jesus blood line oh and my son told her that we were related to Jesus her face got red and she called him a lier well I call her the Antichrist I remember one day I saw her driving her car down the road and I could of sworn I saw her face turn into a demon and back normal now I don't do drugs or drink so I know there is something evil when u see something like that happen anyway that's my short story

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