I Hate My Inlaws!

I wonder !

Posted on Wed, Feb. 12, 2020 at 12:08 pm

So let me begin by introducing my in-laws by outlining their personalities and background.
My MIL is a very unhappy person. She cannot be happy about anything for more than an hour. She will grumble about the smallest things in her day to day life. She is mean to people (extra mean to family - How lucky are we :-/ She has this aura of a very negative person. She is dumb and she has been given a lot of power by her husband and her my husband (who is an only child). Powerful and dumb what a band combination. She dominates her husband and hardly does any household work. She has a full time maid and in absence of the maid my father in law becomes the next successor to the maid. She thinks she is the queen of cleanliness.
My FIL - He had come up the hard way in life. He retired very recently as one of the management guys in one of the biggest companies in India. He is creative but extremely pompous. He keeps praising himself by narrating stories where usually he the Hero. He is a very psuedo intellectual by nature (All fart and no shit). He has no spine when it comes to standing up against his wife when she is bullying him, forget standing up for someone else.
I stay with with my baby who is a toddler, my husband and in laws.
Though I am a working woman, they have no consideration. I come home and dont lie down or even sit down before 12 am literally everyday but they dont seem to realise.
They are constantly giving a running commentary on what needs to done when I an with my daughter and the funny thing is they know that I don't need to be told. I ignore this behaviour and respond to them everytime but they dont seem to stop. Since nobody listen to my FIL, he is constantly telling me things on how I need to take care of my daughter. And my MIL's face is perpetually upset.
Everyday when I come back from work she expects me to give her all the attention like she is some small child. I cant stand her sight. Today they crossed all the limits when my daughter was crying and they kept asking me to stay away from her because they thought she was crying looking at me and my husband. I have lost all respect for them after today. They are so delusional and narcissistic that they dont realise they are asking me to stay away from my daughter. I dont feel like seeing their faces.

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