I Hate My Inlaws!

Bunch of Control Freaks

Posted on Thu, Feb. 20, 2020 at 09:43 am

What a strange family. When ever we send a card each of you talk about it. If it's the wrong color then we can expect another family member mimicking what we sent, we can get the exact same card and wording or even creased up envelopes, missing address lines, etc. from several family members. We've got to write the exact wording you want and if this isn't correct you will moan about it and punish us for not doing what you want. Control freaks! Spoil adult children!

May be we shouldn't send presents or cards... oh I forgot you'll punish us big time if we didn't do that. May be we should just send money... oh no we'll get punished again. May be we should give you the money to buy your own presents and cards... oh no we mustn't do that. Do you know just how horribly difficult and mean you all are?

If we talk and I mention certain every day words I get a funny look... now I'm not allowed to say certain reasonable words that are not rude or swear words just every day nice words which you seem to take offense to. You are all obviously ill and can't interact normally with one another. Who does this crap? Really it's craziness.

You all copy each others clothes, careers, homes... weard! I know you all want control you pathetic losers. Why don't you get some proper education and get a real life. Happy people don't do this crap they're too busy living their lives.

They don't suffer from extreme jealousy that makes them crazily act this way. They don't find fault in every little thing 'cause they're so unhappy inside. You've got some serious issues going on in your hate filled little lives!

The two SILs started this crap and brain washed the others to act like them. If only others outside the family could see this madness or should I say sadness.

Oh by the way SIL when you have a go at other women for bringing up their children and not being able to work much look at your own lazy ass, look at your daughter who lives off her partner. You're the biggest hypocrite around. But that doesn't matter 'cause apparently you are so very special, NOT!

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